Hello, I am a hamster.

soyrwoo, she/her, age 20, speaks seinfeld and naruto. not actually a hamster.

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starships were meant to fly

hands up and imagine how is touch the sky

Lets do this one last time

Don’t dead open inside

i tried to fit my entire fist into my mouth once ‘cause we were all trying for some reason and my friends concluded that “for someone who doesn’t talk a whole lot, you sure do have a big mouth”

i want to see his other talents


1. eating
2. identifying western pop culture icons
3. fitting his entire fist in his mouth for no reason other than to prove he can
4. whatever this is
5. having a fashion sense somewhere between very stylish and boldly questionable
6. making me cry while watching bara no nai hanaya
7. doing weird things with his voice
8. having cool hair
9. helping aromantic asexuals with a limited understanding of aesthetic attraction achieve a slightly greater understanding of aesthetic attraction



MIKE ROUSH / The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl / 5:16

I have always been fascinated by wildlife documentaries. As a kid I would take my mom’s camera and try and get as close to the neighborhood animals as I could. Most of the time this would mean long hours sitting motionless on the back deck with bird seed sprinkled on my lap and shoulders. I never got the shot I wanted, so when Chris and Shannon  asked me if I wanted to make an animated film for Titmouse, I said yes before they finished asking. 


Chris and Shannon Prynoski, Dik Pose, and I Line up a shot in the middle of nowhere. photo by Steve Kellener.


Early thumbnails of the burrowing owl.


Rough turnaround.

"Owl" was animated in Flash. I used a technique where I would animate traditionally very rough, then I would take a second pass cleaning up symbols that I would be able to reuse later. Most of the final animation you see in "Owl" is puppeted symbol animation with hundreds of symbols and a different puppet for each shot. This way I could get the detail and animation quality I wanted.


The Flash break-down on one of the owl puppets. Lots of feathers!

One of my favorite parts of making this film was having to get out of the studio and go on location. I found an amazing place in central California called The Carrizo Plain using google maps. I spent the weekends driving all around taking pictures and exploring. Fun fact: The burrow used in the short was an actual owl burrow. On one of the days I was taking photos of the burrow one hissed at me from inside the burrow with it’s rattlesnake like call. It scared me nearly to death.


This is how I made all the “live action” backgrounds. I drew a storyboard of what I wanted and photo collaged lots of pictures together to make it look like what I drew. Unfortunately these places don’t exist in real life.


Whenever the owl had to touch the flower or fork, I took hundreds of photos, cut them out in photoshop and animated them. Fun.


On location I used a couple stand-in models to get the lighting right and a maquette when animating for inspiration.

I had a great time making this film and when I was done we were lucky enough to show it at festivals around the world. After 4 years the “Owl” showed at more than 40 festivals, in over 25 countries. 

Can’t wait to do another one.

Mike’s Tumblr

Mike Roush’s incredible short film is now online!!! Don’t miss this one, folks! It’ll stick to your ribs likes delicious cartoon BBQ!

one last bit of dole spam for the night

this is the song I have as my alarm and I’m always tempted to let it run all the way to the end

thanks folks for participating in the dole spam

i must now return to my homeworkings, but it was fun times


Today is the day Marty McFly goes to the future!


Today is the day Marty McFly goes to the future!

metallon replied to your photo:Fire drill Guess which window is my cluster

the dark blue one?


One time when I was at the mall with my sister I accidentally knocked over an entire shelf of merch in a shop so I panic blamed my sister for it and she got kicked out of the store and at first I was like "haha sucks to be you" but then I remembered I couldn't buy anything because she had all my money so I had to awkwardly walk out of the store after her