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 Hasn’t Rory died enough? D:

(I’m putting my bets on River; we’ve already seen her die, but perhaps we’re leading up to her visit to the library?  The Doctor’s hair does look a bit different in the promo images, and River mentioned that he changed his hair before their second-to-last meeting.  After all, Moffat has said that ”Silence in the Library”/”Forest of the Dead” should be watched before this finale…) 

My mind just went kerplunk

I’ve been watching Doctor Who in a rather unorthodox manner, (started at “Midnight”, then watched series 1-4 at the same time as 5-6 and the Classic 1-2) so I ended up seeing all sorts of adventures involving River Song before finishing ”Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” just a few minutes ago.

And holy tardigrades.

Moffat.  That fiend.

He slipped bits of future episodes from future series into those two episodes: the Byzantium, the end of the universe, a bit of “Let’s Kill Hitler”… it makes you wonder what else he sneaks into the show that will turn up later in completely unrelated story arcs, like Jim the Fish or something.  I do hope we get to see Jim the Fish.

Oh, and he puts kids in every other episode.  Creepy kids.  What the heck, man.

YOU will have nightmares tonight! (Yeah, thanks Moffat.)