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Cherry blossoms at the UW Quad

If anyone lost an earring sometime before last Tuesday evening in the washers/dryers at UW, please pm me

'Cause I have an earring in my laundry and my ears aren't even pierced and it just seems lost and scared and all alone shhh little earring you'll be okay

Can I print things out in residence halls I’m not a resident of?

Like… at 9am on a Sunday.  This Sunday.  Technically today.

Is that all okay, hunky-dory-like, socially acceptable, and all that?

Out of curiosity, is anyone else at UW a Yognau(gh)t?

We could have a premier party for the next SoI.  Not really, but it’s an amusing idea.  At least, I think it’s an amusing idea.  Maybe you don’t.  But that’s okay.

Obligatory gif:

Ah… yes… high school seniors are receiving their acceptance letters to UW…

Hello, there

Congratulations, everyone

Out of curiosity…

Does anyone know where the highest concentrations of squirrels are on the campus?

If anyone at UW wants to watch/discuss Doctor Who, (even Classic Who!) I’m in McMahon Hall and I have Tennant’s run on DVD.

Also, I’m bored as heck and I don’t know anyone here outside my cluster other than a few people I’ve met online, but not in real life.

And I have Pocky.

UW Orientation continues tomorrow/Friday

And since it’s likely to be less interesting than today’s ice breaker games and shenanigans, I propose we play a game:

I’ll be at UW for the second day of orientation because I’m a new student and awkward and all that. I will be wearing a bright yellow shirt with a squirrel on it.

If you find me, mention capybaras (so I’ll know you’re not just friendly) and give me your Tumblr username. Once I get home, I’ll follow you and I’ll post a notecard sketch of anything you like (within reason). If we meet again in person, I’ll give you said notecard, plus a granola bar.

I was originally just going to give out a granola bar as the prize, but I ate it.


Is anyone going to UW in Seattle next year?

Who is a Whovian?  Sherlockian?  Minion, animal lover, galactic hitchhiker, photographer, artist, Monty Python fan, zoo-goer, enthusiast of hilariously terrible movies, Yognau(gh)t, Nerdfighter, or absolutely anything else?

Can we be friends 5ever?