Hello, I am a hamster.

soyrwoo, she/her, age 20, speaks seinfeld and naruto. not actually a hamster.

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Speaking of college

Here’s a conversation I had with my counsellor during scheduling (for senior year of high school):

Counsellor: as of now, what do you think your college major will be?
Soy: I was thinking about Ecology or Biology; I like furry things! (i.e. Biology; I always include Ecology to imply that I don’t want to go into the medical field)
Counsellor: so you want to be a vet?

Because vets use a lot of ecology? I’m not sure what he pulled that from, but I briefly explained my ambitions to become a zoologist (I’ve stopped trying to explain what ethology is):

Soy: er, no; I was thinking about becoming a zoologist.

And he said nothing more about my potential career path.

No one ever has much to say about zoology. Sometimes folks will say, “that’s cool,” in a polite, yeah-of-course-I’m-interested tone.
But they always have something to say about biology, and it’s always related to the medical field.