Hello, I am a hamster.

soyrwoo, she/her, age 20, speaks seinfeld and naruto. not actually a hamster.

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College.  Career.

Zoology/ethology/ecology, photography, or graphic novel-ing?

I could always become an ethologist or wildlife ecologist and do art on the side.  I lovelovelove animal biology, especially the ecological and behavioral aspects of Kingdom Animalia.  Plus, I might be able to engage in some photography during field studies.  However, I would leave less time to work on non-photographical art, especially if I would have to travel, camp, and/or be away from a home computer or studio for extended periods of time.

Photography would give me an excuse to do that whole “travel the world” thing and be among wild critters, but unless I market it well or write articles regarding the photographs, there is little profit in that field.  I need some amount of profit, since my dreams contain no kids or husbandy-folk, but a big dog, an axolotl, and a guinea pig.  You can’t keep a big dog, an axolotl, and a guinea pig in an itty-bitty apartment.

I would really, really make to write graphic novels, seeing as my greatest fear is to die without telling the stories I’ve made up, many of which are very visual or wouldn’t work in a text-only format.  That being said, the field is extremely competitive and from what I know, I would have little time to study, photograph, and/or poke real animals in far away lands due to the deadlines and amount of work required.

On top of that, I would feel a bit sad to not take biology courses in college.  I’ve always wanted to be a natural scientist of some sort, and going to an art-only college would drive me insane in that aspect.

Then again, it seems as though many art students look down upon the “self-taught artists who think they can make it in the industry without going to art school.”

And my mom keeps saying that I’m not doing enough extracurricular whatnot to get into a good college.  Whenever an opportunity passes, she tells me I should have taken it; she made something of a deal about how I didn’t shave my head for St. Baldrick’s and get into the newspaper last year.

Never mind that my photo was published in the same newspaper earlier, or that my photos are used by zoos, brochures, and wildlife parks, or that someone in the UK may be wearing a T-shirt that I designed this very moment.  I’m not in enough clubs, I haven’t taken enough art courses, and I didn’t participate in St. Baldrick’s or save AIDS babies in third world countries.  Plus, I don’t have a job other than watering the neighbors’ flowers and selling prints online, meaning that I pretty much don’t have a job.

At the moment, it stands that I have no idea what to do with my future.

Except that I will own a big dog, an axolotl, and a guinea pig.

Or at least a big dog.

I really want a dog.

If I can’t afford to go to college, I’ll just get a dog and try my best with art.  There’s a solid plan right there!

Raggle fraggle.