Hello, I am a hamster.

The title of this blog may be somewhat misleading, as I am neither a hamster nor any other member of order Rodentia, and for that I apologize.

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I know there are a lot of Lady Gaga covers and there are a lot of covers use an instrument different from those used in the original songs, and this video wouldn’t seem like anything new.

But as you watch the video, you begin to realize that this is something truly different.  You can clearly see the musician’s passion as he plays this inspiring rendition of Bad Romance.  He captures all of the emotion and impact of the song, and yet, it feels nothing like the original.  He hits each note with such clarity and deliberation that this cover almost transcends the meaning of music.

Definitely worth a listen.

Back in… elementary school (I think?) my friend and I recorded this song on my keyboard.

And by “my friend and I” I mean she improvised this whole thing and I just sort of did the umpty-dumpitty background bits.

Yakety Sax

On a kazoo

I’m listening to Muse and epic trailer music while working in Photoshop.

But this music makes me want to paint mountains and futuristic cityscapes, not post-process photos of sea otters.

When did I like all these songs I don’t like on Pandora…?

If… by Da Pump

The forest was an absolutely necessary setting for the music video. The white jackets are pretty important, too. Because you have to wear white when you’re in a forest.

Except after Memorial Day.


Titanic and recorders

So much better with video.

Neon Pegasus by Parry Gripp